TurnKey Lighttpd Live CD is an open source operating system based on the highly anticipated Debian GNU/Linux distribution and designed for people who are looking for and easy-to-use solution for deploying dedicated Lighttpd servers with minimum effort.

Lighttpd is an open source web server and load balancer software, specially engineered for speed-critical environments. It comes with FastCGI PHP support. The appliance comes with a pre-configured Lighttpd  servers, which supports FastCGI PHP.

Key features include the TurnKey Web Control panel, support for secure connections using the latest SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) specifications, a Postfix mail server for sending email messages to users, such as password recovery, as well as the Webmin modules for configuring Postfix, PHP and MySQL.

In addition, it include the phpMyAdmin administrative front-end for managing MySQL databases, which listens on port 12322 and supports SSL. Keep in mind that the default username for the Webmin, MySQL, phpMyAdmin and SSH components is root.

The operating system is distributed as Live CD ISO images, which have been designed to allow users to try the appliance without installing anything on their computers (demo mode), as well as ready-to-use virtual machine images for the OpenStack, Xen, OpenNode, OpenVZ and OVF virtualization technologies.

It can be installed without much hassle using the Live CD ISO images, which support both 32-bit and 64-bit instruction set architectures. The entire installation process takes a few minutes and requires users to only choose a partitioning method, as well as where to deploy the boot loader.

After installation, the first boot configuration wizard will kick in, allowing users to set a new password for the root (system administration) account, as well as for the MySQL ‘root’ account. Don’t forget to write down the IP addresses and ports of the active services, at the end of the installation.

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