Ubuntu Kylin is yet another Ubuntu-derived Linux operating system, this time designed to support the Chinese community who love the world’s most popular free operating system. It has been crafted to support the Simplified Chinese writing system and provides users with a delicate, thoughtful, fully customized and out-of-the-box computing experience powered by the stable and reliable Ubuntu base.

Distributed as 64-bit and 32-bit Live DVDs

The system is distributed as two Live DVD ISO images, one for each of the supported architectures (64-bit/32-bit). It uses the Unity desktop environment and includes various Scopes and Lenses, as well as specific Chinese applications.

Boot options

As expected from such project, the boot menu is entirely in the Chinese language, but you can easily choose another one by pressing the F2 key. Other options include the ability to boot the currently installed OS, install Ubuntu Kylin to disk, and test your computer’s system memory (RAM) for errors.

Trying Ubuntu Kylin without installing is the recommended choice for all users who just downloaded this distribution, because nothing will be installed on their computers during the live session.

The desktop environment and default apps

As mentioned before, the desktop environment is powered by the Unity user interface, which provides users with a modern and eye-candy session. Default applications include the LibreOffice office suite, Mozilla Firefox web browser, Rhythmbox music player, Empathy multi-protocol instant messenger, SMPlayer video player, Mozilla Thunderbird email and news client, Transmission BitTorrent client, and Shotwell photo organizer and viewer.

Comes pre-loaded with many apps for Chinese users

In addition to the above, this edition also includes the Kingsoft WPS office suite, the Kingsoft Kuaipan cloud storage app, Youker Assistant system assistant, Chinese input method, Chinese Lunar calendar, the Lotus instant messaging application, PPS Chinese TV streaming app, Wine QQ, a weather report indicator, as well as three scopes for the Unity Dash, Chiese Video Search, Chinese Picture Search and Chinese Music Search.

Bottom line

If you are a member of the Chinese community, and if you love Ubuntu Linux, than we strongly suggest to give Ubuntu Kylin a try.

Ubuntu Kylin Trusty Tahr Ubuntu Linux Ubuntu Kylin Trusty Tahr