The Lite edition of the Zorin OS Educational Linux operating system for desktop PCs

Zorin OS Educational Lite is an open source and completely free operating system, designed from the ground up to be deployed on low-end systems and computers with old and semi-old hardware components. To achieve this, it is based on the Lubuntu distribution and used the lightweight LXDE desktop environment.

Distributed as a dual-arch Live DVD ISO image

Users can download the Zorin OS Educational Lite operating system via Softpedia or directly from the project’s website as a single, dual-arch Live DVD ISO image or approximately 1.4GB in size, suitable for 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

Boot options

The boot screen is quite standard for a Zorin OS distribution and allows you to boot the live system with default drivers or in safe graphics mode, start the installer directly, run a memory test, as well as to boot an existing OS from the first disk drive.

Awesome and lightweight desktop environment powered by LXDE

As mentioned, the default and only desktop environment of Zorin OS Educational Lite is LXDE (Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment), which uses a single-panel, traditional layout suitable for old computers and low-end systems.

Includes a wide range of educational apps

Despite the fact that it’s lightweight, this edition includes a wide range of educational apps, such as Blinken, GCompris, GeoGebra, Kalzium, Kanagram, KBruch, KHangMan, Kig, KStars, KTouch, KTurtle, KWordQuiz, Marble, Oregano, Parley, Step, Tux Math, Tux Paint and Tux Typing.

Default applications

Default applications include the Geary email client, Google Chrome web browser, GIMP image editor, Pidgin multi-protocol instant messenger, Inkscape vector graphics editor, AbiWord word processor, Calibre ebook library management software, Audacious audio player and GNOME MPlayer video player.

Bottom line

Summing up, Zorin OS Educational Lite is a great, stable and very fast operating system that can be easily installed on the computers of various educational institutions around the worlds. It provides multi-functional and exclusive software, as well as a high level of flexibility.

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